UTP 2012 : 4th International Symposium on Unifying Theories of Programming

Symposium Program

Monday 27
9h30-10h30 Registration
10h30-11h Welcome coffee
11h-12h30 Opening
Keynote Speaker
Jim Woodcock, University of York, "A unifying theory of undefinedness"
12h30-14h Lunch
14h-15h30 Session 1
- Steve Dunne, "Conscriptions: a new relational model for sequential computations"
- Kun Wei, Jim Woodcock and Ana Cavalcanti, "Circus Time with Reactive Designs"
15h30-16h Coffee break
16h-17h30 Session 2
- Andrew Butterfield, "The Logic of UTP2"
- Chengcheng Wu, Yongxin Zhao and Huibiao Zhu, "Unifying Operational Semantics with Algebraic Semantics for Instantaneous Reactions"
19h30 Symposium Dinner at Ambassade d’Auvergne,
22 Rue du Grenier Saint-Lazare, 75003 Paris
Tuesday 28
9h-10h30 Session 3
- Huibiao Zhu, Peng Liu, Jifeng He and Shengchao Qin, "Mechanical Approach to Linking Operational Semantics and Algebraic Semantics for Verilog"
- Stephan Van Staden and Tony Hoare, "Algebra Unifies Operational Calculi"
10h30-11h Coffee break
11h-12h30 Keynote Speaker
Jeremy Gibbons, University of Oxford, "Unifying Theories of Programming with Monads"
12h30-14h Lunch
14h-15h30 Session 4
- Frank Zeyda and Ana Cavalcanti, "Higher-Order UTP in Theories of Object-Orientation"
- Riccardo Bresciani and Andrew Butterfield, "A probabilistic theory of designs based on distributions"
15h30-16h Coffee break
16h-17h Invited Lecture
Huibiao Zhu, Jeff W. Sanders, Jifeng He and Shengchao Qin, "Denotational Semantics for a Probability Timed Shared-Variable Language"
17h-17h30 Discussion on the next symposium